Hangar serves as the ARMADA situation room.

Situation Room Interface

ARMADA-hangar interface
  • Matrix Exploration Rules:
    1. ARMADA exploration points can be raised, by clearing any 1 matrix exploration floor.
    2. Everything will be carry over to next floor, reset will return everything to starting state.
    3. Higher difficulty will make battle become harder, but will obtain better rewards and more exploration points.
    4. ARMADA fuel is required to enter matrix exploration in every floor, fuel can be obtained from ARMADA Terminal or Commission Collection.

  • Matrix Exploration Additional Information:
    1. Daily reset per day is 1. The difficulty can be change after reset.
    2. More than 3 Valkyrja can be bring into matrix exploration.
    3. Only the uppest 3 Valkyrja will be joining the battle, the others will served as reserves.
    4. Reserved Valkyrja can be switch into next floor battle at the result screen of current floor.

Difficulty Fuel Consumed Matrix Point
per Floor
Addtional Matrix Point
per Each 10 Floor
Floor to Unlock
Next Difficulty
1 1 10 2 Floor 10th
2 1 20 3 Floor 15th
3 1 30 4 Floor 30th
4 1 40 5 -

Floor Spawn Rare Drop
Every 5 Floor 3 Elites
Weapon EXP4
Stigmata EXP4
Every 10 Floor BOSS
Schicksal Complex Core
Anti-Entropy Complex Core

  • BOSS Raid Rules:
    1. BOSS Raid Seek can be raised, by any members clearing any 1 matrix exploration floor.
    2. BOSS Coordinate will be locked, when BOSS Raid Seek is completed.
    3. BOSS Coordinate can be locked between 1900~2100(GMT+8), after locked raid will last for 2 hour, BOSS will escaped if unsuccessful exterminated.
    4. ARMADA can only raid once per day, when damage dealt on BOSS reach a certain %, every raid participated members can claim the reward when ended.
    5. BOSS missing health will be added to ARMADA exploration points when the raid ended.
    6. Damage dealt on BOSS in each raid battle will not go beyond the pre-cap 10% HP.
    7. Even the BOSS was exterminated, if still within the raid time, any members who yet to participate in the raid will able to perform BOSS Pursuit of 1 round, that then can claim reward when ended.

  • BOSS Raid Difficulty:
    1. Every raid BOSS successfully exterminated will increase the Level by 1, the weekly reset will start over again at Level-1
    2. Weekly successfully exterminated 5 or more raid boss, will increase difficulty on next week.
    3. Weekly successfully exterminated 3 or 4 raid boss, will maintain difficulty on next week.
    4. Weekly successfully exterminated 2 or less raid boss, will reduce difficulty on next week.
    5. Higher difficulty, will obtain better raid rewards, and more exploration points.
    6. Each raid battle time-limit is 1 minutes, and Valkyrja will periodically lost HP.

Matrix Exploration Buff

Buff Translation

Matrix Exploration Debuff

Debuff Translation