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消灭一个强力的敌人前,会持续不断的受到越来越强的伤害 Before an elite enemy is exterminated, periodically increase the incoming damage
Combo数越高,伤害越低 The higher the hit combo, the lower the outgoing damage.
小心敌人展开的反伤护盾 Careful with enemy activate reflect shield.
使用出场技的时候,出场人物立即损失当前HP的25% When execute the tag-in, the tag-in Valkyrja will lose 25% of her current HP.
消灭敌人时受到诅咒5秒,期间攻击敌人将会损失7%的HP Inflicted with 5 seconds curse after exterminating an enemy, hitting enemy during curse will lose 7% HP
120秒内没消灭敌人会遭受噩梦惩罚 Fail to exterminate enemies within 120 seconds will inflicted with nightmare punishment
消灭敌人时会中毒,5秒后发作,生效后每秒扣除2%的生命 Inflicted with infection after exterminating an enemy, which will take effect after 5 seconds, and will lose 2% HP per every 1.0 seconds while in-effect