Bind Account

  1. You can bind account by registering a miHoYo account using your email address,
    which you will later receive a confirmation email in your mailbox.
    (refer to the steps below)
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Non-China Player

  1. For players that don't have a China identification card, you may bind your account using other identification through contacting miYoHo customer service.
  2. After miHoYo verify your account, the real identification account binding will be processed. However do take note, no modifications can be done after the real identification account binding been completed. For further information, please contact miYoHo customer service.
  3. To make the account binding request, please following the below format, and email to Please provide the authentic information, miHoYo will then review your request in 15 working days and feedback the result.
    1. Email Subject: 实名信息认证-miYoHo Game-UID
      e.g. 实名信息认证-崩坏3-30000001
    2. Email Content: Please provide the following information to proceed the account binding (Ensure everything provided is authentic)——
      1. Account login username/email
      2. Current playing server, and UID;
      3. Frequently-use social application, such as: Mobile contact number. email, QQ account, WeChat account, etc.
      4. Birthdate
    3. Email Attached Files:
      1. A picture of you together with you holding your identification card, must able to see clearly your face and the identification card.
      2. After verification successful, fill-up the account binding request form with your real identification information (Please send it together as an email attachment).
    4. Additional Information (provide more detail information would help miHoYo in verifying your account):
      1. Please provide as much crystal purchase records as possible, for Android server please provide the Alipay or WeChat transaction screenshots, for iOS server please provide iTunes transaction screenshots.
      2. In-game player profile screenshot
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