There are four types of missions which are Story Mission, Daily Mission, Challenge Mission and Affection Mission.

 Story Missions

There are three categories for missions.

  • Storyline
  • Side
  • Examination (only appears when you have a Sensei)

 Daily Missions

These missions give a lot of exp which are pretty great for leveling up. On the left side, there are rewards for reaching a certain amount of duty which you will get from doing daily quest. There's also weekly rewards for reaching 500 duty points and 1000 duty points.

 Challenge Missions

Despite it being called challenge, it isn't as challenging as you think except for the last 4 sets. Each challenge will have instructions from Ai-chan about completing it. Completing a challenge will award you rewards. After two sets of challenges, you'll be given a special reward which gets better as you progress. At the moment, unavailable for Global Server.

List of All Missions Translation:

Story Mission

中文 English 日本語
完成[普通 / 困难 / 噩梦]难度 X-Y 关卡 Clear stage X-Y in [Normal / Hard / Nightmare] mode 物语ステーヅ [普通 /困難 / 悪夢] X-Y をクリアする

Daily Task

中文 English 日本語
用 [琪亚娜 / 芽衣 / 布洛妮娅 / 姬子] 通关 [普通 / 困难 / 噩梦] 或以上难度关卡 XBring along [Kiana / Mei / Bronya / Himeko ] to clear stage in [Normal / Hard / Nightmare] mode or above X times [キアナ / 芽衣 / ブ口一二ヤ/姫子] を使つて難易度 [普通 / 困難 /悪夢] 以上のステーヅを X 回クリアする
完成 X 次家园探险 Complete base expedition X times 基地オフア一を X 回クリアする
在家园中收获 X 次金币 Collect base coins X times
消灭 X 个 [生物 / 异能 / 机甲 ] Eliminate X [Creature / Esper / Mecha] enemies [?/崩壊獣/機甲]X体倒す
使用角色的分支攻击 [击杀 / 击退] X 个敌人 [Eliminate / Knockback] X enemies with branch attack
使用出场攻击 [击杀 / 击退] X 个敌人 [Eliminate / Knockback] X enemies with tag attack
使用QTE技能 [击杀 / 击退] X 个敌人 [Eliminate / Knockback] X enemies with QTE attack
使用必杀技 [击杀 / 击退] X 个敌人 [Eliminate / Knockback] X enemies with ultimate skill
使用蓄力攻击 [击杀 / 击退] X 个敌人 [Eliminate / Knockback] X enemies with charge attack
击破「迦尼萨 / 布洛妮娅 / 温蒂 / 天父MSR-7」的护盾 X Break「Ganesha / Bronya / Wendy / MSR-7 Emperor」's barrier X times [ガネ一シヤ/ブ口一二ヤ/ウエソデイ/MSR-7] の盾を3回破壊
通过极限闪避进入时空破裂 X Trigger space-time distortion through evasive move X times
选择好友助战通过任意关卡 X Select a buddy to clear any stage X times 戦友を助つ人に選択クエストを X 回クリアする
完成 X 次女武神升级操作 Complete Valkyrja's EXP feeding X times 任意の戦乙女のレベルを一回上げる
完成 X 次女武神技能训练 Complete Valkyrja's skill level-up X times
强化任意 [武器 / 圣痕 /装备] X Enhance any [ weapon / stigmata / equipment ] X times 任意の【武器/聖痕/装備】をX回強化する
完成 X 次任意活动关卡 Complete any event stage X times
完成 X 舰团委托 Complete ARMADA commission X times
关卡中累计消费体力 X Total stamina spent of X
完成任意补给 X Complete any supply gacha X times 任意の補給をX回する
在商店中用金币或水晶购买任意 X 个道具 In shop purchase X items with coins or crystals
进行 X 次体力兑换 Stamina refill X times
进行 X 次金钱兑换 Coins refill X times
通关任意 [普通 / 困难 / 噩梦] 剧情关 X Clear any story stage with [Normal / Hard / Nightmare] mode X times
完成 X 次曜日活动关卡 Complete daily event stage X times
完成 X 次经验活动关卡 Complete EXP event stage X times
完成 X 次任意降临活动关卡 Complete weekly boss event stage X times
完成 X 层矩阵探索 Complete matrix exploration X floor

Affection Mission

中文 English 日本語
消耗100点体力 Total stamina spent of 100
用影舞冲击完成20次普通难度关卡 Have Shadow Mei join battle in Normal mode 20 times
用女武神强袭完成10次困难难度关卡 Have Striker Mei join battle in Hard mode 10 times
用次元边界突破完成1次噩梦难度关卡 Have Dimension Breaker Bronya join battle in Nightmare mode 1 times
用雷电女王的鬼铠通关5次噩梦难度关卡 Have Empress Mei join battle in Nightmare mode 5 times
将领域装白练升到A级 Have Shironeri Kiana promote to A-rank
将雪地狙击升到S级 Have Snowy Bronya promote to S-rank