Kiana03 s1.0
Leadership Skill - Nebula Protection [+/-]
When as squad leader, whole squad members receive Nebula Protection buff
Kiana03 s1.1
Nebula Protection
Increase outgoing elemental damage by X%.
Reduce incoming elemental damage by Y%.
Kiana03 s2.0
Branch Attack Skill - Meteor Mark [+/-]
Triple kicks followed by a whirlwind kick, then an side kick.
Whirlwind Kick: Physical damage based on 150% attack power x3
Side Kick: Physical damage based on 200% attack power, and knockback enemy
Kiana03 s2.1
Tag-in - Nova Flame
Launch an assault kick when tag-in, inflicting physical damage based on 200% + X% attack power to the enemies, and Y seconds faint status on enemies inflicted with float status.
Kiana03 s2.2
QTE - Meteorite Impact
Launch a powerful tag-in QTE whirlwind kick on paralysis status enemy, dealing 240% + X% physical damage.
Kiana03 s2.3
Meteorite Implosion
Increase the Meteor Mark critical rate by X%.
Kiana03 s3.0
Ultimate Skill - Valkyrja Protection [+/-]
Full release Valkyrja energy, entering Bankai mode.
Bankai: Continuously drain SP, but bolster attacks, and cause entire field space-time distortion
Divine: All squad memebers recover HP per every 0.5 seconds after learning the sub-skills
Bankai Tenacity: Consume 20 SP upon activation, and 10 SP per every 1 seconds until SP run out
Kiana03 s3.1
Valkyrja Blessing
During bankai duration, gradually recover all squad members HP by X per every 0.5 seconds, also affect summoned units.
Kiana03 s3.2
Valkyrja Holy Water
Upon bankai activation, instant recover all squad members HP by X.
Kiana03 s3.3
Valkyrja Leyline
During bankai duration, increase all squad members moving speed by X%, and attack speed by Y%.
Kiana03 s4.0
Basic Attack Skill - Meteor Target [+/-]
Quadra kicks.
1st Kick: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
2nd Kick: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
3rd Kick: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
4th Kick: AoE physical damage based on 300% attack power
Kiana03 s4.1
Comet Protection
Basic attack X% chance on-hit to inflict weaken status to the enemies, reducing its attack power by X%, lasts for 4.0 seconds.
Kiana03 s4.2
Nebula Shift
Basic attack X% chance on-critical hit to recover all squad members HP by Y.
Kiana03 s5.0
Evasive Move Skill - Space-time Shackle [+/-]
Quickly tumble to evade enemy attack.
Space-time Shackle: Activate when evasive move is triggered, inflict float and Space-time Shackle status to the attacker, last for 4 seconds, with 8 seconds cooldown
Kiana03 s5.1
Freeze Space-time
Increase Space-time Shackle duration by X seconds, and inflicting Y% ice damage based on attack power.
Kiana03 s5.2
Nova Fissure
Recover all squad members HP by X when evasive move is triggered.
Kiana03 s5.3
Space-time Evasion
Increase evasive move charges limit by X, and reduce the cooldown by Y seconds.
Kiana03 s6.0
Passive Skill [+/-]
Grant added bonuses from passive skill.
Kiana03 s6.1
Heaven Wrath
While not no-field every 10.0 seconds inflict Heaven Wrath to any one of the enemies, inflicting X lightning damage and vulnerable status, reducing its defense by Y% for Z seconds.
Kiana03 s6.2
Nova Glitter
Automatically tag-out the dying squad member, and recover her HP by X, can be activate only one time each stage.
Kiana03 s6.3
Holy Light
When tag-in cleanse all squad members status ailments, and self receive X seconds Y% defense up buff.