Mei03 s1.0
Leadership Skill - Chimimouryou [+/-]
When as squad leader, whole squad members receive Chimimouryou buff
Mei03 s1.1
When HP above 80%, all squad members critical rate increased by X%.
Mei03 s2.0
Branch Attack Skill - Shadow Quick Slash [+/-]
Quickly dive to enemy front and knock it to air.
Dive Slash: Physical damage based on 180% attack power, and knock enemy to air
Mei03 s2.1
Tag-in - Shadowless Blade
Launch a Dive Slash when tag-in, dealing physical damage based on 180% attack power.
Increase Dive Slash physical damage dealt against float status enemies by additional X% * 2 attack power.
Mei03 s2.2
QTE - Blade Shadow
Launch a tag-in QTE on faint status enemy, dealing physical damage based on 220% + 4 * X% attack power.
Mei03 s2.3
Spearhead Spirit
Manually pressed attack after branch attack or tag-in attack can chain into crescent slash, dealing Aoe physical damage based on X% attack power * 3.
Mei03 s3.0
Ultimate Skill - Kage Bunshin [+/-]
Summon a perfect clone to fight for Mei.
Clone: Has 50% of Mei current HP, 100% of Mei attack power and critical rate, and negate all incoming physical damage. Periodically lose 10% of its maximum HP every 1 seconds
SP Activation: 75
Mei03 s3.1
Sakura Shuriken
Perfect Clone explode before disappear, inflicting physical damage based on X * attack power and Y seconds paralysis status to the surrounding enemies.
Mei03 s3.2
Multiple Clone
Increase Perfect Clone HP based on Mei current HP to X%, and reduce periodically lose HP based on its maximum HP to Y%.
Mei03 s3.3
Sakura Spirit
Increase number of perfect clone to X, in exchange reduce its attack power based on Mei attack power to Y%.
Mei03 s4.0
Basic Attack Skill - Five Slash Technique [+/-]
AoE penta slashes.
1st Slash: Physical damage based on 80% attack power
2nd Slash: Physical damage based on 80% attack power
3rd Slash: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
4th Slash: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
5th Slash: AoE physical damage based on 250% attack power
Mei03 s4.1
Endless Boundary
Increase basic attack radius significantly, and basic attack deal additional X physical damage.
Mei03 s4.2
Ideal Boundary
Increase basic attack critical damage by X%.
Mei03 s5.0
Evasive Move Skill - Sakura Unfavor [+/-]
Quickly dash to evade enemy attack.
Clone Art: Activate when evasive move is triggered, summon a clone on battlefield, that has 25% of Mei attack power, last for 5 seconds, with 10 seconds cooldown. Maximum 1 clone on-field
Mei03 s5.1
Sharp Edged
Shadow Quick Slash can be chained after evasive move. Increase Shadow Quick Slash after evasive move critical rate by X%, last for 1.5 seconds, with Y seconds cooldown.
Mei03 s5.2
Increase Perfect Clone attack power based on Mei attack power to X%, and increase the clone duration to Y seconds.
Mei03 s5.3
Afterimage Blade
Increase evasive move charges limit by X, and reduce the cooldown by Y seconds.
Mei03 s6.0
Passive Skill [+/-]
Grant added bonuses from passive skill.
Mei03 s6.1
Increase all-damage by X% when attacking from behind.
Mei03 s6.2
Shadow Boundary
Increase physical and elemental damage dealt against faint, paralysis, or space-time slow status enemies byby X%.
Mei03 s6.3
Infinite Energy
Increase maximum SP by X.
Increase Kage Bunshin SP consumption by Y, in exchange increase number of perfect clone to 3 (Prerequisite Skill: Multiple Clone)